Okay, so, I was just thinking about how I did, and realized, statistically, I didn't know PRECISELY how I did. They give you your ranking, but they never tell you out of how many until you look it up and awkwardly count. So I sorted through the results, found the last person before the DNFs, and figured out the totals so I could do the math. Here's the context of my ranking (to prove it's different from, for example, when I was little and on swim team and would get those purple 8th place ribbons all the time because there were only 8 people total.)

Age Group Ranking: 9/96

Gender Rank: 54/558

Overall Rank: 370/2010

Woah dudes! I did a good job! I straight honor studented this race! Well, just felt like sharing that. Just like a kid who shares a good report card. Am I validated yet? Maybe.

AuthorNikki Muller