So, past the horrible travails of last month's slog through Breakuptown, one of the only things to keep me focused, back on the bike, back on the trails, back in the pool, and distracted enough to stop crying was something bigger than me: a mission. I became obsessed with the idea of racing Ironman Arizona in a feminist kit to make a statement against the restriction of women's reproductive rights in that state, and I already have a lot of interest from some pretty rad fellow females. It takes time to start a movement, but I figured hey, maybe I can be the first step in something greater, and make a video that can sort of be a rallying cry. It also motivated me to overhaul this blog. So, lots of good things coming from this already.

Right now, the name for the movement, at least in my head, is Team Choice, with the slogan, My Body, My Pace, My Choice, so that any woman who races-- tris, cycling, running, whatnot-- can get on board and wear a kit or a shirt in solidarity. We're hoping to do a Kickstarter to raise money to design and make custom bike kits, giving any additional funds to the Planned Parenthood. In the meantime, I made my own. And I'm hoping when I'm out there, thinking "damn I'm tired and chaffing" that I'll look down at my chest and see the logo and feel the struggle of feminists from years before, and the ghost of Sojourner Truth will carry me across the finish line to glorious victory in the name of womankind!!!!

At least that's my hope.

For more on this, check out the special page on the blog I've dedicated to it.

And also, I just posted this video:

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