One of the top upgrades I can't yet commit to is having a coach. I mentioned how LT testing is like an instant coach, since you get data specific to your heart rate zones and recommended workouts. After getting these tests, my run improved, my bike improved, and I won my age group. (Total game changer.)

I now found another budgety solution to the coach situation: online vouchers! My sort of sometimes coach through lactate testing posted this deal on Daily Candy, which is good until Friday. It is still pricey (half my month's rent) but way cheaper than say, four months of coaching. Or his regular rate. I've been saving up tutoring money, so I think I will go in on this for my next race and see if I can't get down to real race weight for Ironman Los Cabos in March (the woman's abs in that ad are freaking amazing, am I right???)

Did I mention that I'm doing Ironman Los Cabos March 18? Yeah, there's also that.

AuthorNikki Muller