Yes, it's that time again. The time for this athletic blog to wax philosophic in a semi-drunken yet eloquent way. It's what happens when we reach the crucial hours of sleep that we kick ourselves into medically with Ambien.

(Ooo another Ambien blog! And yes the page is shifting languidly right and left as I type.)

A few ruminations before I rest my head, things I wanted to settle so the calm before the storm can take place. I've been engaged in an ongoing battle with a Go Pro Hero 3 camera that refuses to function. The hope was that my friend Pix would get wonderful moving and high defnition video of the race, and all would be glorious and well. But no. The hero failed us. And so we would fail ourselves if we blamed the Hero for souring our night, and instead, as it says on the box, we must respect the call: Be a HERO." Do you need a tiny camera to be a Hero? No. You need your will, your preserverance and you peace of mind. The camera is nothing to you. So you must let it go, and move onward to where you are destined to become a Hero, a cameraless hero, forged in reality undocumented. The deed is more important that the record.

Another matter... I have been thinking about my goals. My highest idealistic goal of "if all goes perfect then..." dominates my thoughts. But I'm trying to have a very solid contingency plan of "if that becomes unrealitstic, then..." I didn't do that for Vineman and only would end up feeling disappointed in my self. So I have two ways of looking at it now: the dream race is sub 11. A 1.15 swim, 5.45 bike and sub-4 marathon. That's my dream. And my acceptable second is a sub 12. If I don't get sub 11, I'm going to start trying REALLY hard to ensure I'll be under twelve. It will all depend on the math of the course, and judged by my bike heart rates.

I believe in myself completely, and I believe I can do this. One of those plans, as it were. It's just up to the fates to tell me which. I will just show up, follow the plan, and see what arises. It's really quite thrilling in a way? Like seeing your fortune being told over a day?

Getting tired... time to call quits. But tomorrow: we will ALL be Heros. Goal times and cameras aside. We are ALL heros.

AuthorNikki Muller