First of all: happy new season. I don't believe I've gotten you caught up on the denouement of the last. Perhaps that will be a goal after we kick off this season right, to catch up with time past. There were two more half ironman races, races in Athena weight, and won, but newly I'm coming to the conclusion that that is an honor I'd rather not have, and instead would like to discover how I could excel by dropping those ten pounds and upping my speed and become more of a contender in my age group.

This race is both the first and the last of some of these things. Yes, I am still Athena, though there's no weight division in the categories. We are trying to race sub 4, and I will, all with the knowledge that running that long and hard with ten fewer pounds would be a great joy. And so, I hope, and I imagine myself onward into an efforted victory, that the upcoming seasons will show more success, with less effort, and more happiness, and a slimmer self.

Why am I writing so weird? I'm on Ambien, and the page seems to be moving back and forth.

I wanted to write something before the race, something to catch you up to speed on the trials and tribulations, the victories and defeats, and most importantly, the decision to all sign up for IMAZ together. Tomorrow, Four of our crew shall enter into that battle and we shall emerge bonded for life. And then, in November, we will be all the more ready to slay that dragon within ourselves. Marathon is step one. I fear nothing. We are together, cold rain or no, and we are gonna carry each other through to victory. Here's to 2012, a year in which Nikki races WITH. The struggle lies within, the strength lies without.

AuthorNikki Muller