Nope, I don't mean "bonk" as in Bonk, the book about sex by Mary Roach, but bonking as in carb depletion.  Being that I'm only used to four hour bike rides, I seem to have forgotten that I'll need sufficient energy to fuel my four hour runs, too... the hills are pretty draining.  I brought along a Luna bar, but homegirl needs her calories.  So, my long run for last weekend was supposed to be something like 23 miles, but once I was out there, after about two hours, I was totally kaput.  Four hours and 18.3 was all I could do... the last hours I was dragging along, walking and trotting, total amateur hour.  I've got my sister's wedding Oct 23, and Nebraska doesn't have much in the way of hills, so I'm a little nervous about getting the stamina up for the crazy course on Catalina (hey alliteration!)  Best stock up on em Gus and get on the mountains when I'm back.

AuthorNikki Muller