So, I just got an email that says it's 64 days before Wildflower. Fuck.The halcyon days of unlimited yoga are done, and the hours of conditioning must begin in full force pronto if I am to survive this brutal long course. 

The good news? My little diet experiment has worked quite well, so I'm already in pretty good form weight wise. Also, we've finally moved to the office, which means morning swim and spin. 

I'm cutting it a bit close in my usual fashion, but I've got my new beautiful Brooks ready to be broken in, and I just got out of a four day business trip that would've been April 1 and totally messed up my training schedule, so I think I'll fare just fine...maybe. 

Still haven't read the endurance chapter of Four Hour Body, but definitely going to use more interval training this time around to improve my speed and endurance...don't need a book to tell me that would help. 

It's Sunday and I'm up early...looks like as good a time as any to bust into this full force. Shoes on, let's go!

AuthorNikki Muller