So, I'm in the thick of Ironman training... which I haven't even written down schedule-wise, but sort of have been playing by ear... as in, I'll do an effton of swimming in the morning, and try to do an effton of something else, later. This morning I did 2.4 miles in the pool in 1 hour, 23 minutes (thanks, Mom, for the handy laptimer for accurate data!) and am planning on doing... something... after work. Run? Bike? Perhaps yoga? (I loves the yoga.)

Meanwhile, the website I write for has put up an article I wrote about dating triathletes and other such endurance athletes. It's a good inside scoop for those not in the know.

Hope you enjoy... I will be back with more comprehensive updates soon. We're getting closer to D-day, and my Mom has bought her ticket out to LA. Yiiiikes!

AuthorNikki Muller