Remember that time I was sad because my iPod touch got stolen out of my car? Well, about a month ago, my window was broken in, and my LAPTOP was stolen.  (I don't think I recounted this here, because a. it was too depressing and b. I didn't have a motherfucking laptop to write on.) So if you thought I was all poor and shit, try me after I had to come up with over two grand for a new computer. Yes. Budgety. All woes now in the past, I finally got a new laptop and it's TOTALLY BALLER. 17 inch MacBook Pro, matte screen, quad core 2.2 processor! To quote Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke, "I have no idea what that means but I want it." I figured if I was gonna get a new laptop, this one ought to be the last laptop purchased in a longass while, so getting it with all the bells and whistles means less updating.

In turn, I'm hoping this translates to cooler and more frequent bloggy stuff... perhaps even more videos! Perhaps. Or perhaps I will just try and fit in my fah-reaking training... it seems like my schedule just gets more and more intense, and somehow I still make less and less money, and still don't have time to adequately get in the gym. But my mom just shipped me a fifty pound kettleball (Lord have mercy), so at the very least I can shred up by legs at home in a few simple moves.

I leave you know with the data output from my Garmin Forerunner from the long course: I finally got the software installed on this shiny new computer, so now I'm good to go! Now you can witness the topography, my pace on the bike and run, and even a map of where I biked and ran! Boy oh boy, isn't technology swell???

AuthorNikki Muller