Have you ever noticed that you rarely randomly receive money, but that you'll very frequently randomly owe or lose money?  It's a very unfairly skewed tendency of Fate, which I think should be random, but is pretty intent on leading us all to Brokeness. 

To recap, I've been so broke lately that I didn't even have enough money in my account to cover the auto debit of my student loans (which is far more than I, a budget Hollywood triathlete, can afford per month as is.)  That was a sad day.  But I started tutoring again, and got paid for a chunk of fun creative writing teaching I'd done, which was going to put me over the hump, hooray!  But then I had to get a ticket to Nebraska for my sister's wedding.  But then my Mom helped me out a bit, so I was going to get ahead again!  But then my Interval underwater headset and enclosed iPod shuffle were stolen from the gym, and so the desire to replace those looms in the future.  Boo.  (I haven't, and have instead been embracing the zen of silent swims with earplugs to keep the water demons out of my brain.  It was quite nice actually, until the pool started getting crowded in the mornings-- everyone got wise, apparently-- and I got PUNCHED IN THE HEAD.  Not good.  So, I'm sort of avoiding swimming, but for once a week.  Moo.)

So, that's sort of average on the scope of normal expenses and the like.  I picked up a new student, which will buttress the income, and was feelin' fine.  Then, after doing a little shoot with the Tosh.0 folks, where I stood in a line of thirty people who held hands and got electrocuted (yup), I filled out my paperwork and went to study up on the GMAT, which I'm tutoring my dear triathlete friend in, as part of our barter pay-off for his old bike.  Aforementioned paperwork required passport information, ergo I had my passport on me, and thought, I don't want this lying about while sitting in a park full of Mexicans (KIDDING-- kidding!!!) but anyway, I put it away... I think... in my backpack so it wouldn't be lying out in my purse.  I then picked up my gal Kristen from LAX, we did girl bonding things like mani-pedis and talking about vampire books, and then I drove to K-town, where I thought, as leaving my car, "oh I shouldn't leave my iPod touch out like that", but promptly did nothing about it, as my hands were full and I was spaced out.  The next day I discover the iPod touch is gone, and all the glove compartments and such are open.  Soooo, theft.  Which sucked, but you know, I am the ass who left it in there.  And I have this awful feeling that I somehow left the door open, though who DOES that?  (There wasn't a broken window or anything.) 
So the week continues and I'm all sad about the iPod, but happy the car wasn't stolen (it's a Honda Accord, people love stealing those), and it gets the a day when I think, oh, I didn't put back my passport.  Where's my passport?  Ummm, it's also gone.  Though since I'm so all over the place, it was unclear if it were just buried in a back, in a pile of crap, or actually stolen.  So on Friday I did a thorough dig through my car and concluded that it is indeed neither there nor in my backpack, and woe is me.  That had a Brazilian visa for the next five years, which is 'spensive.  And getting a new passport is $110 + $25 "processing fee" (why not just say $135?)  So again.  Random stupid crap.  Not to mention that iPod had my oh so handy keep track of your food app, and now I feel like I'm forever lost.  And a new iPod is at least $300, generally.  BOO, double boo!

And then, all resigned to the fate of lost passport and bummed out that I can't shoot the comedy sketch in the location I wanted to because I don't have $300 for insurance, I back out of my parking spot DIRECTLY into someone's new Chrystler-- so new that it still has dealer plates.  And this guy just had the worst month of his life (read: 2.5 year old nephew dying kind of bad month.)  So, I feel like a dick, and again, though it wasn't an epic crunch, anything regarding body work at a shop is going to set you back over 400 dollars.  And indeed, it was $640.  Hey rent, how ya doin?

So I feel utterly drained.  And I really desperately need running shoes, lest I run my knees out of order.  So, hey-- how about booking a national commercial right about now?  That would even it out, don't you think?

AuthorNikki Muller