We've all heard the phrase, used in poker games when someone wants to up the ante. "Let's make it interesting." Wasn't it already interesting? If poker were boring to begin with, why'd you start playing in the first place? And why did you wait to "make it interesting"? Well, I guess the point is not that it was dull at the onset, but that it now has a sense of real risk, real danger, real stakes. And so I can say this little quest of mine has been "made interesting" with the Hollywood aspect... it's tough enough to train for one of these super endurance races, but trying to perform and get ahead in the biz concurrently is a ridiculous addition. So ridiculous as to be irresistable to a madman like me. 

Lately, even with it being crunchtime in terms of needing to get those hours and miles in before Wildflower, it seems like everything else in the world is coming to a frenzied head. My job situation's gone to pot, my horror film came out, the website I write for launched, and two different people approached me about doing some kind of menstrual product social media work. (Yes, the two were entirely unrelated and happened within a week of each other.) So it really feels like there's a paradigm shift happening in my life. Add to this that I suddenly found a single apartment which is just gorgeous, in a great building, with a huge kitchen, ac unit and utilities included for $875/mo, just when I'd started daydreaming about being on my own... not to mention that it's right near Griffith, so I'd get my tri on right easy. Of course that also means I'm moving fifteen days before Wildflower... eep. But life is crazy sometimes, and I'd rather do it all than nothing... 

...which is why this week I've been running myself ragged creating a parody music video with my friends while the zeitgeist is still there (it's of the 13 million youtube abomination, "Friday", and is practically guaranteed hits.) We were up til 12:30 on Tuesday recording, Wednesday I was up past 1 doing my uke set at the Trip Bar, and today I was up early to shoot a few scenes so Stuart would have more time to edit and get this vid up by our Monday deadline. I have been good about getting in my minimum amount of training, but today haven't done a thing, had sugar and pizza, and can't exercise because my butt is turning inside out. (Sorry, tmi. But hemorrhoids are no joke.) I have to stay focused and keep up the multitasking... I'm still convinced this can all be done. It just will be more... interesting.

AuthorNikki Muller