So, in typical fashion, we lived up the wine country lifestyle bigtime with Dan, Julia, and Mark (the original connection between myself and Dan and Julia through my OTHER friend Carson, who I actually had never met... so that was nice.) We drank nice wine and ate crazy good food with butter galore. While it was super fun and awesome, I wound up not being able to sleep in what with my nerves (and constantly getting up for the bathroom... trying to hydrate and all) so by now I'm super tired from shuttling around, looking at the course, getting over to packet pickup, and trying to make sure my house is in order. I'm so ready to go to sleep even though it's just 8PM... maybe that's good. Not really giving me a minute to reflect on the enormity (and enormousness... yes, enormity means something is horrible, not big... nerd) of the undertaking I'm about to embark on. I do think I've got everything in place that I need, though I keep thinking "oh God, I'm going to forget my race belt... or my timing chip... or my bike shoes... or helmet." But that's just nerves and weariness, and I'm trying to idiot proof myself (got all the stuff laid out for the too early morning, got my bike all taped up with Gu... got my special needs bags with emergency inner tube and pretzels... don't forget the PB Twix frozen in the fridge (better not forget).

Poor Mom is basically more stressed than even I am at this point, but really all the work is done. We've only to sleep and wake (at 4:30 AM) and get this thing done.

So quick review from last time, doing half the course:

Overall time: 5.54.41

Swim: 00:35:44.

0T1: 00:04:49.1

Bike: 03:04:33.4

T2: 00:03:34.0

Run3: 02:06:01.4

So the big goal will be 75 swim, 6:30 bike, and a 4:30 run. Well, if that's humanly possible, those would be like the fucking BALLER results. So, add it up... that's around 12:30. Now, I think that's a little much in the optimistic department, though that's what my bud David deeply believes. I, at my most ambitious, am aiming for sub 13. Just like I got sub 6 last time. I think that'd be pure glory.

If you want to keep track of how I'm doing on reaching these splits tomorrow, it's evidently possible. Just go to this site and look for my bib number, 774. (The race you're looking for, dur, is Vineman.)

I just took an ambien and am about to fall over into a bowl of pasta... hopefully you will catch me on the flip side, and I will usher you back through time and we'll relive whatever this horror might be tomorrow, together (though tomorrow I must face it alone...)

AuthorNikki Muller