(Cue the music!)

No... but yes. We are under a week away, folks. And by folks, I mean, maybe Mom. (Mom, do you read this? No? Okay.)

If it was semi-taper time before, it's now full out hardcore "don't you dare overwork yourself, gurrrl" time. I know I'm doing it right because during yesterday's 44-mile Valley ride, I came to the front of the pack at the end, meaning my stamina's in a good way (gotta curb that bike arousal and save it up for the second loop, right?) and once I was done with the workout, I thought "maybe I ought to go do an extra run", which is of course what you think during taper, but you do not do. Save it up, yo.

What you can do is eat, and I have indeed been eating. Though in these past weeks I've been trying to be mindful, and perhaps drop some extra weight to help myself be faster (oh fine, I'm just being a woman-actress... Hollywood triathlete) I've decided it's probably for the best if I allow myself some extra calories this week. I'm going to burn a shitload on that day, I don't think I want to be in any way deprived. Of course this doesn't mean eat a bunch of crap or anything, but... you know. Not gonna be all "just a salad" this week. It's carb time! (Let us rejoice! Let's do Osteria Mama! Who's buyin?)

Okay, now it's late and I have to arise for my last ocean swim in the AM... the weekend workouts are probably the last "real"-ish ones before... oh Lord... am I really going to do this heinous thing? Quick, fall asleep before thinking about it!

More nervous ramblings certainly will follow soon.

AuthorNikki Muller